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Seven reasons why Hypnotic Poison is the best option for you!

Seven reasons why Hypnotic Poison is the best option for you!

Almost 20 years have passed since the Hypnotic Poison saw the light of day, and its bitter almond, jasmine, moss, Spring Canda, vanilla and musk made this combination so timeless and unforgettable.

What is special about this fragrance? I could talk about it for days, but since I do not like to write overwhelming blogs, I will not bother you with a lot of text. The core is always the most important.

The heart of this fragrance guarantees the following:

1. You will feel powerful, sexy and brave. They say that men will not remember your purses or shoes, but they will be engraved in memory of the fragrance they used that day. With Hypnotic, it is difficult to find arguments against this claim.
2. The perfume will remind you of “good old days”, even if these notes have not been exposed in the past. It simply has such power and it is difficult to identify and distinguish it.
3. If we rate the self confidence from 1 to 10, it will automatically increase with this perfume for at least two points, even if it was the perfect 10 before the application.
4. The aromatic notes will not disappoint you, the perfume and its traces will follow you to smell good all day long.
5. With Hypnotic you can not make a mistake about the season, but on colder days it is very special, so you do not have to wait. This is the right time.
6. With moderate use, saturation is impossible. You will always come back with enthusiasm.
7. Strong, but not intrusive, and you do not need a lot to feel all day. In doing so, the vial will last for a long time, especially of 50 ml.

If you have not tried Hypnotic Poison, you just have to do it as soon as possible. We warn you that there is a great chance that you will love it as soon as you smell it. Who knows, you can also find the perfume with which you will identify yourself.

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