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Perfume – a gift that will never come out of the fashion

Perfume – a gift that will never come out of the fashion

A holiday atmosphere is already felt in our town. The season of gifts and family gatherings began. Do you already have an idea of how to handle your closest one’s gifts? Fragrances are a gift that will never come out of fashion. A perfume will both make men and women equally happy.


Several recommendations to surprise your lady:

  1. For moms and grandmothers there is an eternal classic of the past 50s: Chanel No.5. Many people associate this perfume with the famous Marylin Monroe.
  2. Lancome Tresor is also a popular perfume, the right treasure among the perfumes, and for reason has been named ‘treasure’. This Lancome fragrance is a floral fragrance that you would certainly want others to smell when you walk by.
  3. Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto is a fragrance of this famous French fashion house, created in 2012, and since then has been a mega hit throughout the world. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, because of its seductive ginger and orange notes. Especially men are giving it to their ladies.
  4. Doir Hypnotic Poison was made in 1998. It is an elegant, extravagant and narcotic sweet perfume. This fragrance is a great hit, every other woman wants to have it in her collection of perfumes.
  5. Dior Addict is an oriental scent with floral notes. It is also a culinary perfume, it is so strong that it creates dependence. Ideal for evening variations, and those who are night birds will be more than thrilled with this gift.


And let’s not forget about our dear men:

  1. Yves Saint Laurent – Kouros, which is on the list of potential New Year gifts for the elderly men, is certainly in the top 5. The classics sometimes fit younger people, though nowadays everybody is increasingly following trends and what is ‘in’, so unfortunately the trends has limited the return to ‘good old days’.
  2. Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gio has been in the top 10 lists since 1995, since it appeared on the market. It belongs into the sea category of perfume, and the fragrant note is spotted with citrus tones. An ideal gift for men who love a simple life and freedom, actually for all men.
  3. Armani code is Armani’s first oriental smell. The smell in which all the positive aspects of masculinity are combined: elegance, passion, generosity, restraint, intensity and gentleness.
  4. Dior – Farenheit is a world class perfume from 1988, which belongs to the floral group fragrances. This perfume will warm up the men you give it to, and the ladies close by.
  5. Hugo Boss – The Scent is slow, stable and tense of expectation. The composition begins with a spice ginger. The intense skin chord that makes the base symbolizes the magical masculinity.

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