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Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day – ideal perfumes

Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day – ideal perfumes

Is chocolate an aphrodisiac? Hundreds of thousands of people certainly hope this is the case. Box of chocolate and similar sweet joys are still a common choice when looking for an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day cliches, according to many, are roses, sexy underwear and candlelight dinner. That’s why many give up on their ideas. At the same time, some feel that gifts are unnecessary. They believe that time and attention is the most beautiful thing you can give to another person. In fact, there are no wrong answers, because what’s important is intention. Still, some answers are sometimes a little better than the rest.


With a little help from us, you will be the star of the day when you appear at the door on February 14th. And if your goal is to win over the person with whom you want to celebrate this and all future special days like this one, you are also in the right place.


Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent


The dark, mysterious and romantic Black Opium from Yves Saint Laurent is our first choice. At the very beginning, against any intuition, but in a magical and delicious way, it combines vanilla and coffee. Pink pepper, orange flover, jasmine, cedar are additional complements to this unforgettable composition.


Dolce The One for couples


Dolce The One is a dream team and a perfect choice for those who want to surprise themselves and their loved one. The female version delights with bergamot, delicate peach, mandarin and white lilac. On the other hand, The One fragrance for men brings amber, fresh spices, citrus, traces of tobacco and joyful waves of sweetness.


Black XS for the ages


Another ideal combination is the classic Black XS duo. Female Black XS has its heart decorated with rose and flower of exotic tropical wood Tamarind. This Eau de Parfum soul is so masculine that notes of musk are put in it to tame it.


Beautiful Armani classics


Armani Code for her and him are also our top choice. A woman’s fragrance lives in the hearts of perfume lovers for 12 years. For this reason, spices are garnished with ginger and warm sandalwood. Next to it you have delightful orange appetizer from Africa and sweet orange from Italy. The orange blossom from Tunisia makes this experience even better, and jasmine is just an absolute delight. Honey drops give this sensation its final, sweet touch.


Armani Code for Men is no less popular. Its composition is fresh, spicy, oriental. Fresh Citrus notes are on the stage at the very beginning. Then lemon and bergamot follow their lead, and the heat is given by tobacco, tonka and heliotrope.


Some other suggestions:


1. Enjoy a romantic evening, take your significant other by the hand and go to the art museum.


2. Enjoy the activities that bring you back to the younger days. In the evening visit the children’s playground, sit on swings and swing together. Spend an evening at the tree house. Be playful and imaginative. it’s fun!


3. Couples massage is always a good idea.


4. Visit the cinema, enjoy the show, or simply sit on the couch in front of your TV and watch you favorite movie.


5. Purchasing perfumes over the internet is always relaxing.


Have you found your gift for Valentine’s Day yet. We hope we have helped you!

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