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The importance of perfumes

The importance of perfumes

Don’t neglect the importance of perfumes. One of the most powerful identifiers of your personality is your scent, even your mind can absorb the power of perfume.

Has it ever happened to you that some smell reminds you of someone … you are sitting in a coffee shop and you smell the scent of a woman or a man. This thing reminds you of the first boyfriend or girlfriend and the hour spent in some romantic place. I assure you that you just created the feelings of those scents right then and that reminded you of a moment in your life that you have experienced. This fact is not surprising considering that the power of the aroma is proven: the human being can remember 35% of what it smells, 5% of what it sees, 2% of what it hears and 1% of what it feels. It is also known that humans can recognize and memorize 10,000 different aromas. These are surprisingly large figures which prove the importance of perfumes and we must not ignore the smells that surround us. Given all of the above, it stands to reason that a person who smells good is more attractive than the person who does not wear any perfume. The same goes for women, their physical beauty increases if they add a good perfume.

Caution when selecting your next scent! The fixation experienced by each aroma depends on the pH of your skin. Make sure the perfume you choose is correct, and apply it slightly to the wrist or forearm, and after only five minutes you will notice the final odor. We recommend that each person should have at least three perfumes: one for weekdays, the other for Friday night and the weekend, and the third for special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, celebrations, etc. When applying the perfume, you should put it especially on the neck, the wrist and behind ears. It is not advisable for women and men to apply perfume on clothing, as it could damage it and the scent will not last long.

Another important tip – you should not overuse the amount of perfume! Exaggerating with perfume is not synonymous with smelling good, on the contrary, it can be a defect because others know that you used the whole bottle and that is not at all sexy.

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