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Sun is great, but don’t overdo it! How to store perfumes and fragrance

Sun is great, but don’t overdo it! How to store perfumes and fragrance

You’ve bought a new perfume and now what? Knowing how to store perfumes is as important as wearing them because if we fail to keep them right, we’ll have nothing to use.

Perfumes should be stored in original packages far from intense light

If you haven’t opened your perfumes, they usually last for three years. You might’ve heard that they’re like quality wine. After opening, they will be good to use for the next six to eighteen months. However, this isn’t so with every perfume as some fragrances last for decades, while others go bad after only few months if not properly stored.

You should avoid light, high temperatures and humidity, and it’s best to keep perfumes in their original packaging, especially if you use them rarely and have a larger bottle. In case you don’t keep the perfume in its packaging, you should avoid sources of intense light, high temperatures and humidity. Perfumes are best kept in a dresser drawer.

Different fragrance concentrations

Fragrances are usually produced in a variety of concentrations, i.e. parfum or pure perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne etc. They differ in the in the perfume extract concentration. Parfum, extrait de parfum or pure perfume has the highest fragrance concentration, which makes it intense and long-lasting, so you’ll have it for longer.

Eau de parfum is a very popular concentration, usually produced in spray, which makes it very practical to use, especially when you travel. Eau de toilette has a lower fragrance concentration than eau de parfum or pure perfume, but it is also better suited for everyday use. We should keep in mind that eaus de toilette for men have a higher fragrance concentration than those for women and it is comparable to eau de parfum. Finally, we have eau de cologne, which has the lowest fragrance concentration and after shave lotions that at most contain a 3% perfume extract and cannot be used instead of perfumes as their fragrance doesn’t last long.

Our recommendation? Eau de parfum !

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