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How to choose the right perfume?

How to choose the right perfume?

Perfumes play a strong role in capturing attention and looks. A well-chosen perfume that matches our personality makes us more confident. It adds on our looks and that is why it should reflect our character and lifestyle. The choice depends on the type of person: are you a seducer, a romantic soul, an optimist, a rebel, a person full of energy or a dreamer?

As well as your lipstick and the choice of clothes, your perfume is a great way to accent your individuality and temperament. Fragrances can be grouped into four loose families: floral, citrus, woody and oriental scents.

Floral fragrances

People have always tended to give flowers symbolic meanings. They are associated with certain emotions, and it is believed that they reflect our character. Floral fragrances can be based on one flower note (lavender, jasmine or orchid), as well as on whole bouquets.

You are a fan of floral fragrances? Lavender is associated with commitment, and refined lily with purity. Rose is a symbol of love and passion. Perfumes containing a dominant rose note are very often the scent of choice of romantic souls. Jasmine is a symbol of happiness and optimism. People who choose this scent are faithful and loyal. Women who like floral fragrances are romantic and subtle, but at the same time very feminine seducers. They are delicate like flowers, but they don’t lack in confidence – they sure do know how to get what they want. Fans of floral fragrances appreciate their privacy, family values and beautiful memories.

Citrus fragrances

Fruity perfumes based on the sweet and intense orange, tangerine, grapefruit and lemon fragrances energise those who wear them. These fresh scents are best suited for cheerful optimists.

The orange flower is a symbol of purity and everlasting love. Fans of citrus fragrances know how not to take worries take over their happiness. They like to have fun and lead an active lifestyle, including playing sports. Positive people full of energy, everyone likes to be in their company.

Woody fragrances

Scents based on spice, grass and leaf notes are very refreshing. They make us think of morning freshness, summer breeze, forest and meadows.

Women who prefer these fragrances are very social and they know their value. They know how to stand up for themselves, they like company and adventures. As well as citrus fragrances fans, they are also full of energy, positivity and optimism.

Oriental fragrances

Exotic, oriental scents include vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and musk. Strong, sensual fragrances are very energetic.

Oriental fragrances are the perfume of choice of highly artistic souls who like to take time for themselves. They seduce by their choice of clothes and makeup. Exotic notes, e.g. the combination of sweet vanilla with musk, cinnamon and rooty scents are especially liked by mysterious sensual women whose personality intrigues everyone. Perfumes based on sandalwood and patchouli notes are very often chosen by dominant persons who are sure of themselves.

How to choose the best perfume?

When you are choosing your perfume, bear in mind that each perfume has three notes: the top note, which we feel as soon as we open the bottle of perfume; the middle note, which we feel after two hours (fruity-floral fragrances) and the long-lasting base note (e.g. ambergris)

They say that scent is our second skin. As everyone needs some time to find themselves, the same thing applies to finding the perfume that is best suited to our personality. Try different perfumes, always thinking about how you feel. In the end, they do say that women are fickle.

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